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Favoritos de mi niño (generación nacida en año 2000)

He retrasado demasiado tiempo en empezar este post.  ¡Pero ya me decidí! Iré actualizando

Pompeii (album: “Bad Blood”)

Counting Stars (album: “Native”) 


Wake Me Up (album: “True”) 

Guitarra Carvin de Jason Becker inspirada en Michael Jackson

“Siempre quise una guitarra que reflejara su estilo único” (Jason Becker)

Cómo Jason Becker creó esta guitarra —>

Michael Jackson y Campeonato Europeo 2014 de Patinaje Artístico

Penny Coomes y Nicholas Buckland Medalla de Bronce en prueba de danza 16 de enero 2014

A ritmo de Michael Jackson, los británicos Penny Coomes y Nicholas Buckland han obtenido el jueves 16 de enero 2014 la medalla de bronce en la prueba de danza de los Campeonatos de Europa de patinaje artístico, que se disputan en Budapest.

Entrevista a George Harrison y Michael Jackson (1979)

George Harrison y Michael Jackson juntos en un programa de radio inglés hablaban de sus carreras y sus próximos lanzamientos.

El programa de radio se llamaba “Roundtable” y se estima que la la fecha de emisión es de Febrero 1979.

Este programa ha circulado entre coleccionistas y ha “reaparecido” en Youtube recientemente.

Top Story – 5 Denim Pieces Every Woman Must Own

Me gusta mucho esta prenda “vaquera/Denim” por el estilo que tiene y que me encanta: ¿Quién dijo que las prendas “vaqueras/Denim” no tienen estilo? Yo difiero con esa opinión 🙂

Dangerous Lee

Denim is the staple of many women’s casual wardrobes and, for some of us, serves as our office wear. It’s safe to say that our love of denim is here to stay. The only question remaining is what type of denim should every woman own? If I had to pack in a hurry and could only take five denim items, I know exactly which ones I’d choose.


First up would be my boyfriend jeans. Sometimes a girl just wants a loose, comfortable fit that is still stylish and flatters her curves. They should be faded and broken in, but even then, they can be dressed up with a nice top and blazer. Add some heels, and you could wear them anywhere. You can also laze around the house in them with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Another must have pair of jeans is a simple, straight-legged pair. Some of…

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Top Story – “White Trash” Author Gives Thoughts On The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case

A traducir al castellano

Dangerous Lee


Recently, I did a radio interview for my book “White Trash,” a drama about life in a rural Texas town in which a popular young black man is killed and everyone suspects everyone else as racist, intolerant and that stupidity runs rampant. Following the interview, the radio host asked me for my thoughts on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

I was hesitant.

This is a hotbed for emotions, accusations, misconceptions and unfair stereotypes. What we know is that George Zimmerman is frequently identified in the media as wanting a career in law enforcement. We know that he was frustrated by a rash of break-ins in his neighborhood and that he had taken on the role as Neighborhood Watcher. In fact, we know that he was lawfully carrying a 9mm Kel-Tex pistol. We know that Zimmerman called the police about a teenager whom he thought didn’t belong there. Also, he was…

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‘Michael Jackson One’: Fotos del Pre-Estreno

.Michael’s estate lawyer John Branca told me: “We are so proud of this show. It could not really be any better, and yet this was our first preview. We’ll still tweak it, tinker with it, but to see and feel the joy, excitement and overwhelming approval from an audience that arrived from all over the world was fantastic. You thought Michael was alive again tonight onstage; I am convinced he was here in some way to watch this extraordinary night. It is beyond a success. It is the very best that could have been done.”

Read more: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/may/24/michael-jackson-one-cirque-du-soleil-best-and-incl/#ixzz2UIHFXpwK