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Could You Be The Victim of A Sink Hole Collapse?

Dangerous Lee


February 2013 saw the dramatic collapse of a sinkhole beneath a Florida Home killing one of the occupants. Jeff Bush was asleep in his bed when his entire bedroom was swallowed up in the collapse and the rescue services could do little to help fearing further movement. Was this event an isolated incident and where else are houses at risk of such a catastrophe?

What Are Sink Holes?

Sink holes occur in areas known as karst regions where the bedrock is soluble. Acidic rainwater seeps down through the surface dissolving salt beds, gypsum and carbonates such as limestone gradually forming fissures and then caverns beneath the surface. When the cavern beneath reaches a size such that the surface can no longer be supported the ground will collapse into the cavern, often suddenly and with little warning.

Danger Zones

Approximately 10% of the earth is Karstic and so sink holes are…

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