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Michael Jackson: Had Enough of World’s Ignorance

Esto es otro perfecto ejemplo de escritura que no deseo que se “pierda” en la Red.

“Michael Jackson Had Enough of World’s Ignorance” by Avionne Akanbi


Sometimes it seems like society stands on both sides of the coin when it comes to knowing too much or not enough. Michael Jackson’s “We’ve Had Enough” illustrates how people can idly sit back and watch the world kill innocent people and not take any responsibility.

Now you are probably thinking, I have enough to think about in my daily life than to take on the problems of others on a global level.

But similar to “Man In The Mirror” Michael is pointing out that the responsibility of what happens to innocent people does not always begin out there on the fighting field.

It begins at home.

Yes, the decisions you make in your everyday life affect in an indirect way, people who are innocently getting killed and wrongly accused everyday.

It doesn’t have be a huge task you are taking on, it’s only a part of the task that each of us live each day.

“We’ve Had Enough” illustrates Michael’s rage against basic ignorance.

It’s disappointing that we don’t educate ourselves on what’s happening around us and we allow the media feed us nonsense, that we eat up due to pure laziness. I think the best way that has worked in the past for people to take control of the everyday happenings of society is definately through visual aids.

Michael did this best. In “We Had Enough”, strong visuals of graphic soldriers torturing refugees, children crying, police brutality, and the New York building bombings, will really stimulate a response to anyone watching.

Even a enlightening conversation about the world views is a start.

Michael was constantly fustrated with how the world focuses so much on the very trivial things and the more important elements are ignored.

So much time is wasted, not educating ourselves on how we can keep the next child from fighting his classmate at school or worse.

There is so many resources, libraries, books, people, organizations and, most of all, our own experience with this world, to remain in an ignorant state.

Michael did what he could, and will always remain a legacy because of it.


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  1. thnx bro

    febrero 15, 2011 en 4:37 pm


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