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L.K: Larry King         J.J.: Jermaine Jackson

L.K: Good evening. It was a year ago today that news out of Los Angeles shocked the world. Michael Jackson had died. People all over the planet poured into the streets mourning the loss of the singer who had moved generations of music lovers. Michael was buried at Forrest Lawn, at Glendale, California. Jermaine Jackson returns to his brother final resting place for the first time since then and sat down with me for an eye-open interview.

This is where Michael Jackson is interred. One year ago today the nation stunned by the death of this incredible superstar at age 50.

By the way other people buried or intered here include  Lucille Ball, Jack Barren, Clark Gable, George Burns, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Carole Lombard,  Spency Tracy.

Our special guest is Jermaine Jackson. What can we say? What’s this year been like?

J.J.: It’s tough Larry.  It went so fast. We’ve been mending the pieces together and the family is having a lot of meetings and hmm…  just trying to hold on, basically.

L.K.: Have you come to terms with it ? Have you really accepted it because he was so young?

J.J.: It’s hard … It’s … No. We haven’t come to terms. hmm… It’s something we’re learning to live with… We will never accept it. It’s just … It’s tough. It’s very tough.

L.K.: We all remember watching that funeral. Who didn’t watch it ? We sit here in front of that mausoleum  where your brother is interred. Where was the funeral ? Was it right here ? 

J.J.: I think it was around the corner someplace.

L.K.: Well, they made a carpet,  right?

J.J.: Yes,  right. They laid a carpet. That was the private funeral that the immediate family and special friends and guests had.

L.K.: That was some night …

J.J.: It’s tough. I was very emotional when I drove up …

L.K.: Was it emotional today ?

J.J.: Yes Larry, very, very much. Because I just can’t believe a year has gone by. But to … Just … When it happened  so many things came back to my mind. Just … the childhood and the things that we used to do as a family and a group as The Jackson 5 and it was very tough.

L.K.:  You know when that film came up, I think we finally got to realize what a really not only a great performer but what a sensational person he was.

J.J.: Yeah but why didn’t they know that when he was alive cause his music if you listen to the content of his lyrics and his music, that’s what, that’s what he is, that’s what he wrote from his heart, from his soul and it’s sad because now people realize what kind of person he was all along but he’s not here to see that.

L.K.: Do you think he got a bum rap  in life?

J.J.: He got a bum rap because it’s just … he was so misunderstood and he was trying to take the world on his shoulders and to bring an awareness into the world as what we need to do as people. Yes, he got a bum rap. Yes.

L.K.: Does the family visit here often?

J.J.: We come. And friends come. And they bring flowers cause I’ve been in here and see a lot of different seating arrangement around his burial site. It’s … It’s very cold in there. There are dark corridors …

L.K.: I know we’re not allowed in but you mean it’s dark and cold ?

J.J.: It’s cold Larry. It’s … To walk this corridor in … All you hear is your footsteps and this … Michael shouldn’t be here. I always thought that.

L.K: You wanted another area.

J.J.:  In Neverland.

L.K:  When we were there together you

J.J.:  I said it then.

L.K.:  We taped this earlier in the week. How is the family gonna mark the anniversary? Are they gonna do anything special on the Friday, this Friday when this will be broadcasting?

J.J.: We’re getting together and …. probably gonna have songs, and sing, and things like that to remember all the deed that he’s done.

L.K.: You’re trying to make it joyous ?

J.J.:  We’re trying to make it joyous but it hurts at the same time. But he would want us to be happy. Michael was very special in the sense that he … I kinda felt that he felt something about his life. And he did say on numerous ocasions at times to my mother  that he felt that he was enthreatened and that someone was trying to kill him.

L.K.:  Really?

J.J.:  Yes ! Yes !

L.K.:  He had a premonition of early death by violence ? Or some method ?

J.J.:  Yes , yes, someone..

L.K.:  How is Randy ? We heard he had a scare …

J.J.:  Randy is fine. He’s getting .. because he …He had some chest pains that were not much while in his house working very very hard and just keeping the things together with the family and everything. And we had a call, right, doing the … and the latest was that he was taken to the hospital. He’s doing fine now. I saw him this past weekend and he said he’s doing much, much better. So he is taking it easy. Thank you though.

L.K.:  Michael’s children impressed the millions who saw that memorial service. How are Blanket, Prince and Paris ? Jermaine is gonna fill us in  and we’ll get to Doctor Conrad Murray and the dark side of Michael’s death. Next.

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