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Nelson George: “Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson.”

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“Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson”
by Nelson George
c. 2010, DeCapo      
$24.00 / $30.50 Canada         
241 pages, includes index

En el nuevo libro “Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson” de Nelson George, aprenderán cosas respecto a esta canción (“Thriller”) y respecto al albúm que rompió (y todavía sostiene)  récords mundiales casi 30 años después de su edición.

George dice que creció con los Jackson 5 “en su ADN.” Como crítico de música y  periodista, él consideró a Michael Jackson como uno de sus “sujetos primarios”; Jackson fue el foco de su primer libro. George habló con Michael una vez, torpemente. Durante un tiempo, se le consideró (a George Nelson) como una autoridad respecto al artista Michael Jackson.

PERO, quizás, no hubiera habido un Michael Jackson, Rey Del Pop, si no hubiera existido un tal  “Joseph Jackson”, dice George. Él, George Nelson,  argumenta/ (discute)  que fue Joe (Jackson) quien impulsó a sus hijos a ir en busqueda de su talento musical.  Joe consiguió actuaciones, y condujo a sus muchachos a actuar en vivo en  “garitos” y les condujó al/hacia el  éxito. Joe Jackson  ” inculcó en  Michael la ética del trabajo que el mundo entero notó/ descubrió  …”

En este libro, George (Nelson) “mira la vida  de  Michael Jackson y “mira/estudia” el impacto de  “Thriller,” en particular el impacto de ese albúm (“Thriller”) en las vidas de los Afro-Americanos.

El albúm (“Thriller”), quiere hacer destacar (George Nelson), salió/se editó  antes que  Oprah (Winfrey) hiciera su “debut” en el programa “AM Chicago”,

 El albúm (“Thriller”) rompió registros antes que  Whoopi Goldberg se convirtiera en una “estrella”.

 El albúm (“Thriller) era un “mega-seller” antes que  Michael Jordan fuera escojido como estrella del equipo de baloncesto ” Chicago Bulls”.

  El albúm (“Thriller) debutó ANTES que el “The Cosby Show”.

El albúm (“Thriller), deliberadamente, “difuminó”  los límites raciales.

“In the continuing dialogue over what Michael means and what his legacy is, as both artist and man, “Thriller” should be the central point of reference.”

As a consummate music critic, author Nelson George does a fine job dissecting Michael Jackson’s music and his life. I didn’t mind George’s personal stories woven in between his narrative of Michael’s life and career; in fact, I enjoyed them. I was fascinated by the cultural touchpoints that put Michael’s career into perspective, given the times.

But “Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson” is scattershot: George sometimes bounces from point to point, which can be hard to follow. Some stories seemed to be hastily inserted, as if he didn’t want to forget to tell them; others begged to be expounded-upon, but weren’t. Astute fans will also notice at least one factual error in this book.

Still, if you grew up with MJ’s music in your ears, you shouldn’t even try to resist this pop-culture-based memoir-filled critique. For you, “Thriller” is going to make you “he he hee”.

Fuente: (by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Special to the Tri-State Defender)



“Thriller: The musical Life of Michael Jackson”

 por George, Nelson;

Formato: Tapa dura (Hardcover)
Tema: MUSIC / Individual Composer & Musician, BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Entertainment & Performing Arts
Tags: Jackson, Michael,, 1958-2009, Thriller, Singers, United States, Biography
Editorial: Perseus Books Group
Idioma: Inglés
Estado: Nuevo
ISBN: 9780306818783    
ISBN 13: 9780306818783    
Páginas: 256

 Publisher Comments:

Thriller takes us back to a time in 1982 when Michael Jackson was king of the charts, breaking the color barrier on MTV, heralding the age of video, and becoming the ultimate representation of the crossover dreams of Motown’s Berry Gordy, who helped launch Jackson’s career with the Jackson 5. In this incisive and revealing examination of the making and meaning of Thriller, Nelson George illuminates the brilliant creative process (and work ethic) of Jackson and producer Quincy Jones, deftly exploring the larger context of the music, life, and seismic impact of Michael Jackson on three generations. All this from a groundbreaking journalist and cultural critic who was there. George questions whether the phenomenon Jackson became is even possible today. He revisits his early writings on the King of Pop and examines not only the stunning success of Thriller but also Jackson as an artist, public figure, and racial enigma–including the details surrounding his death on June 25, 2009.


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