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Michael Jackson: What really happened, straight from the cutting-room floor.

Dos documentales, dos miradas muy diferentes a la vida y muerte de Michael Jackson.

El primero, Michael Jackson: What Really Happened?, que hizo hace varios años el periodista-filmmaker británico Jacques Peretti, was intended to be one lifelong Jackson fan’s effort to put a human face on the mystery man who moved an entire generación, and yet whose private life left many of even his most ardent fans feeling perplexed. Parrot, an occasional reporter and op-ed writer for the Guardian newspaper, one of the UK’s most prestigious e influyente periódico, insisted that Jackson insiders talk on-the-record and, remarkably, for the most part, they did.

El segundo documental, que se emitirá este Viernes on CNN, the most sober of the U.S. cable news networks, is CNN-anchor Don Lemon’s intento por separar los hechos de la ficción surrounding the King of Pop’s death, one year ago to the day after Jackson was pronounced dead-on-arrival at a Los Angeles area hospital.

Anderson Cooper, presently doing yeoman work in the Gulf of Mexico — a personal calling for the career war correspondent and lifelong outdoor adventurer behind CNN’s multi-year documentary series Planet in Peril — did a credible and heartfelt job summing up Jackson’s life, and death, ese fatídico día del verano pasado.

El documental de Peretti fue televisado esta semana en CBC News Network, y volverá a emitirse durante el fin de semana.

During the making of his film, Peretti learned more than a few off-the-wall details about Jackson’s strange and yet influential life, including:

• While lying on a stretcher, after being burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, Jackson told paramedics to, “put the sequined glove on; the press are here.”

• Jackson visited the set of Steven Spielberg’s E.T: The Extraterrestrial and wrote in his diary afterwards: “I really miss that guy”. He cried for two days, saying ET was one of the few people he’d met that he could really get along with. Spielberg later said that ET should really have landed at Jackson’s house, not Elliot’s.

• At the height of fame, Jackson was a devout Jehovah’s Witness; he would knock on strangers’ doors with his mother, peddling copies of Watchtower while wearing an unconvincing mustache-and-beard disguise. At the start of the Thriller video there is a disclaimer renouncing Satanism; Jackson reportedly insisted it be inserted because of his faith.

• In perhaps the strangest twist of all, given the recent fallout over a certain judge’s exit from American Idol, Simon Cowell was rumoured to be brokering a Michael comeback on The X Factor.

How would that have played out in the ratings? We’ll never know. As Peretti noted in a 2007 op-ed piece for The Guardian, Jackson truly was “the man who fell to earth.”

El documental de CNN, meanwhile, es menos sensacionalista y más íntimo, with reflections from Tito and Jermaine Jackson on how a not-so-simple family mourned the loss of a beloved hermano, hijo y amigo.

Well worth a look, it airs Friday on CNN at 8 ET/PT.

Fuente: http://communities.canada.com/shareit/blogs/tvguy/archive/2010/06/22/michael-jackson-what-really-happened-straight-from-the-cutting-room-floor.aspx


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