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William J. Wagener: “Tom Sneddon falsificó pruebas y debería ser juzgado por ello.”

En este video William J. Wagener explica qué pruebas falsificó Tom Sneddon en el juicio contra Michael Jackson en 2005 y “exije” que sea juzgado por ese delito.

P.D: Si Usted piensa que esta información llega tarde, tiene Usted toda la razón. “Pero nunca es tarde si la dicha …”.

P.S: If you think that this information has reached you, or has reached “people”, “too late”, you are,  in my personal opinion, most certainly right. But there is a Spanish saying that states: “Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena”.


“We got such crooked people in office, people that wouldn’t even come on this show but they want my vote. They won’t come on my show and let me answer questions. I’d say six judges, in this County, right now, this election, June, primary,  I want all these Judges to come on and answer questions.

I wanna ask them why they didn’t demand, because they are officers of the Court, why  that Tom Sneddon be indicted for falsifying evidence in the Michael Jackson trial. And I was a witness. I was right there in the court room! Watched him get caught: false fingerprints evidence, the phone evidence that they tried to create. They said it was conspiracy and all these phone charges: half a day on that !  Then Sneddon wanted to withdraw it from the evidence pool in the Court !

No! The defender, Tom Mesereau, said : “No! That  stays on. ” Judge said : “Right. It’s already been entered, that stays.” And the jury looked at all this false evidence and said :” There is no way we can convict this guy. We got a pile of crap from Tom Sneddon.”

And Tom Sneddon has probably endorsed you, hasn’t he ?       Ehh.. No. I know Tom. I know him kinda briefly.. But I was never really that close because I was… else here. He was an elected official and I was… you know … here.

You washed your hands after shaking his hand? I mean this guy is literally falsifying evidence and it’s on the record !


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