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William J Wagener: Special Message to MJ fans


Welcome. We, the people, we got to recognize that we cannot fight all the battles against what’s evil in our government by ourself. We need to join forces.

I have never done a message like this that is targeted just to the Michael Jackson’s fans.  If you really want to see Justice done in the trial coming up here in April, the state of California versus “the doctor”  who is supposed to take care of Michael while he is sleeping …. This trial is going to be held in Los Angeles in the most secure environment they can design to protect “the doctor”, as well as all witnesses. However, the chances of a truly lawful and fair trial with all the witnesses coming forth are close to ZERO, somewhere between five percent and zero.

This is a stage trial to make sure that nobody really pays a heavy penalty for the death of Michael Jackson.

Why do I say that ? How can I say that before we even know for sure which judge will actually conduct a trial? Which prosecutor? I urge you, Michael Jackson’s fans and those who care about Justice to take a look at a video clip I did a year ago called “Free Fine”. That’s “Free Fine”.

The reason why this is important to you is that Richard Fine caught ALL of the Los Angeles County judges of the superior court, the state’s superior court, that work in the city of Los Angeles, he caught “ALL OF THEM”  taking open written bribes in the form of monthly checks.

Under the Law they would only take the state’s salary. That was the law. For the last twenty years since they went from becoming County superior court  judges to State superior court judges. Yet, all of them, or virtually all of them, in Los Angeles County over the last twenty years chose to take open bribes.

It wasn’t enough that they now getting paid $171.000, approximately $14.000 a month plus benefits, private parking, security, all that. That wasn’t enough. They took an additional $4.000 a month from the county of Los Angeleswhich Richard Fine proved it was unlawful, was a civil tort, a wrong and a penal code. He took it to… Richard Fine took it to the California Appellate Court, which is the last and final court that ruled out and said “you’re right Mr. Richard I. Fine, attorney-at-law. This was a penal code violation and this was unlawful”. 

Then what happened is the State legislators retroactively went back, retroactively, and made it all legal. Anybody that studied the law knows that you can’t make laws prohibiting something that is illegal and make it legal or vice versa. Tha was legal make it illegal retroactively. That’s never been the common law.

Well that’s what the State legislators did and governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law. There was no press coverage of it. This happened in a week, one week, a single week, in February 2009. So what are the chances that you will get an honest judge, who can’t be bribed when we already know, when Richard Fine has already proved that ALL of the Los Angeles County judges, State superior judges, have been bribed and now the State government has not only not worked out its checks and balances, but has legalized, or they think they’ve legalized, by making them all, retroactively, O.K. for them to take bribes from one briber.

Why is that important ? Because Richard Fine has proved that in a period of about 3 years the County of Los Angeles paying the bribes to the corrupt Los Angeles State Superior Court judges they didn’t loose a single court case. Now, I ask you: do you think that is relevant to whether the man accused of causing the death of Michael Jackson will get a fair trial or will it get a rubber stamp, small verdict, a kind of a play, and be out the door with virtually no jail time, and then there will be an end of evidence to follow up the trail to see who really was behind the doctor to make this happen?

You, Michael Jackson fans, if you really care, you need to go protest for Richard Fine. You need to go look at “Free Richard Fine” and “Zerman on Fine”. And you need to demand that this trial be moved OUT of the County of Los Angeles to a county where the judges don’t take open bribes.

Otherwise, you’ll get another kangoroo trial, just like Michael had in 2005, except the evidence was so overwhelming bad, the evidence in 2005 was so tainted, so constructed by a boggle of criminal prosecutors domming up false evidence that Michael won that one.

Well Michael is not here to hire attorneys, to fight for himself. So the way you can bring  pressure on this to move the trial is to bring pressure on getting Richard Fine out of L.A.  jail. He’s been held for over a year, right in downtown L.A. lockup.

Thousands of you fans are now going to watch how this trial  will come to Los Angeles and what you ought to do is take time out to go down and protest for Richard Fine. Bring attention to the fact that all these judges, no matter which one dictates Los Angeles is gonna be a judge that took open bribes.  

Is that the kind of judge you, Michael Jacksons fans, want deciding how Michael was killed? I’m William Wagener hoping to that we, The People, we will pull together getting Richard Fine out of jail for exposing  this. Because the national and the state media has done a total blackout on Richard Fine.

Why is that do you think? Cause they don’t want you to know that California has now become a total facist state and the number One POLITICAL PRISONER OF CALIFORNIA is RICHARD FINE, proves that statement is true.

I’m William Wagener. I’m not a Michael Jackson’s fan though many of you think I am. I am a fan of Justice and true common law applied in the light of day, not in the darkness of judges chambers and sidebars and deals cut behind the back and make it retroactively legal.

So 450 criminals who sit  on the benches of Los Angeles county won’t have to go to jail. It’s up to you. Go see “Free Fine” and “Zerman on Fine”.

See you soon.


5 comentarios

  1. Janette M. Isaacs

    Thank you for this blog! I am Richard Fine’s co-chair! We are having a protest on April 20, 2010 beginning at 7:30 AM. The protest will be in front of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Stanley Mosk Courthouse located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

    We would love it for everyone to join us and show their support! Read a red or a yellow t shirt!

    See you then!

    abril 13, 2010 en 3:09 pm

    • malagaaunike

      Unfortunately I live in Spain and will not be able to attend. Please let me know how else can I help.

      abril 13, 2010 en 10:10 pm

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    having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?

    I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% sure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    enero 2, 2013 en 3:49 pm

    • malagaaunike

      This blog is the free version for a wordpress.com blog.

      marzo 24, 2013 en 10:03 am


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