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Katherine Jackson: Le encanta DWTS

DWTS = Dancing With The Stars

Katherine Jackson — Total Sucker for ‘DWTS’

Posted Oct 22nd 2009 12:18AM by TMZ Staff

Katherine Jackson made a front row appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday night — and we’re told she had such a great time … that she’s going back for more. (Katherine Jackson acudió en primera fila a “Dancing with the Stars” el martes por la noche — y nos dicen que se lo pasó tan bien ….. que volverá.)

Katherine, Jermaine, and La Toya were invited to attend Tuesday’s show for a special tribute to Michael Jackson — and even though we’re told Katherine didn’t want to go at first, she loved it so much she requested tickets for Monday.(Katherine, Jermaine, y La Toya fueron invitados a acudir al programa del martes para un tributo especial a Michael Jackson — y aunque nos dicen que Katherine no quería en un principio acudir, le gustó tanto que ha pedido entradas para el lunes 26.)

As for the Jackson family favorites … it’s a three-way tie between Kelly Osbourne, Maya, and Donny Osmond. (En cuanto a los favoritos de la familia Jackson …. hay un triple empate entre Kelly Osbourne, Maya, y Donny Osmond.)

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/10/22/katherine-jackson-dancing-with-the-stars-michael-jackson-tribute/#ixzz0UeXSNj5B



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