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James Auchincloss acusado por posesión y duplicación de pornografía infantil

The Associated Press

Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009 | 5:30 p.m.

El hermanastro de Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ha sido inculpado en el estado de Oregon por “Delito  de posesión de PORNOGRAFÍA INFANTIL”

James Auchincloss was indicted by a Jackson County grand jury in Medford on 25 cargos of encouraging child sexual abuse resulting from the alleged duplication and possession of child pornography.

A co-defendant, Dennis Lee Vickoren, was indicted on 30 separate felony counts of encouraging child sexual abuse by possession and duplication of child pornography.

Auchincloss’ attorney, Carl Caplan of Medford, did not immediately return phone messages.

Deputy District Attorney David Hoppe said no arraignment had been scheduled for Auchincloss or Vickoren.

Hoppe said Vickoren did not have an attorney and would be sent a letter notifying him of the charges. No phone listing for Vickoren, of Eagle Point, could be found.

Hoppe said a plea bargain is typical in cases involving the charges against Auchincloss, and Auchincloss likely would remain free pending resolution of the case.

Hoppe noted that Auchincloss is not charged with any production, sale or distribution of child pornography _ only possession and duplication _ meaning that he may not have to serve any jail time if convicted.

“For someone who has no criminal history, such as Mr. Auchincloss, it’s possible that probation is available to them,” Hoppe said.

Auchincloss was just 6 years old when he carried the wedding train of his half sister Jackie up the aisle as she married John F. Kennedy in 1953.

Last October, police searched his home in Ashland, a college town on the California border. Affidavits supporting the warrants said a large number of graphic images of young boys were seized.

Investigators said the delay in presenting evidence to a grand jury was caused by a backlog of computer crime cases at the forensics laboratory serving Southern Oregon.


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